sâmbătă, 28 decembrie 2013

The war has begun

I have been suffering so much in this world, so much that I have become a really strong person without feelings and other things like this. I have only two feeling, the hate and love.

The hate

A really big hate directed against you all, all of you making good people to suffer. You are like animals, you bite the hand that feeds you, you do and say bad words about the ones that loves you. You know you are an animal and, for all your life, you will be an animal.

But you know what animal, I am stronger than you, I have the power to shut you of, to fuck you and to make you cry after the day of your dead. So be aware, be warned that I am hunting you, I am comming after you and you will feel pain . As long as you had something with me, it was not a problem, but as long as you started to give sufferance to my loved ones, to my relatives, I am here to protect them and I have the right weapons and skills to fight against you and to make you die. Don't ever thing that you can escape, I will be there to be sure you receive the things you deserve.

I will put my foot on your neck and I will press firmly.

I can not accept to see good men suffering and for what, for some animals, some parasites wanting a good life without hard things. Without work and jobs, without responsabilities, sucking money from they relatives and giving back only sufferance. You know what, go fuck your self until I will come and shut you off. Don't base your hope to escape on the fact that this sounds like paranoid message, because you will be wrong. This is not a paranoid message, because I see no enemies, but, instead, I see a lot of animals deserving to die and to be killed. I have a very clear mind when I say that from this moment on where ever I will see animals like you, parasites, I will spend all my time to make you disappear, at least from my and my relatives neighbourhood. I am above your forces, nothing touches me so I am there down in the battle field to exterminate you.

The love

A really big love for the good people. For the good people, I am here, you can base on me. I put all my forces in this fight against animals that make you suffer.

you don't need to suffer anymore.

I want not to be passive any more, because beeing passive allows such animals to develop and to get all our resources, finally killing us.

This message is not about something special that happened to me, if they happen to me, I know how to fight, I don't care about them.

But is about bad things I have heart, things that happened to a person I love and I respect very very much, and that, as we say in Romania, filled the glass.

So, you animals, lets the dance begin!!!

Listen to this, in the corus is my recipe of succes

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